Thursday, 16 March 2017

Travel Pattern of Millennials 2017

Travel Pattern of Millennials 2017

Millennials- popularly known as Gen-Y is the most versatile group. They are the most spontaneous travelers. There is a lot of hype about how they are taking over the travel world and completely changing it. While some part of it may be true, it is not entirely accurate. They are who you call a ‘wanderer’, in a true sense.

Gen-Y travels to explore the place for far more than what tourists do. They are Budget conscious, yearn for adventure and are perpetually ready to meet new people. Millennials today, prefer motels/hostels over luxurious hotels, local eateries over fancy restaurants.

Going solo but with a tour operator and a large group is on a rise as it gives them the freedom to explore alone while also having the safety net of a larger group should something go awry.

Bleisure is also becoming a must for them. The notion of travelling for business is very exciting and appealing to the most of them. Travelling for them is not just for fun and vacation, it is slowly becoming a way of life.

One will probably find a group of millennials meandering around a new place like they have lived there their whole lives- just interacting with the locals, participating in the local community activities and whole lot of other local stuff. Millennials are a truly different breed of travelers.


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