Saturday, 11 March 2017

A different take on Holi

Holi- the festival of colors, is truly very colorful and is celebrated in multifarious ways all over India. Though the colors and the celebrations done normally done are equally exciting and significant, Let us have a look at the intriguing rituals celebrated in different parts of India.

Lath mar Holi- Barsana
Barsana is a town in Uttar Pradesh where the locals celebrate Holi in a very Zestful manner. As the name suggests, it is played using sticks. The women of Barsana beat up men gleefully as they seek forgiveness for their mistakes.

Cultural Holi- Shantiniketan (West Bengal)
The renowned Poet Noble Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, began the tradition of celebrating Holi as Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan. Every Year the students and faculty of Visva Bharti Institute dress up in colors of spring and put together a cultural programme for visitors – with colors, folk dances and performances to Tagore’s songs and poems.

Warrior Holi- Punjab
Blended with color and gusto, the warrior holi of Punjab is all about celebrating in warrior style. The men all gather up and display their physical strength in the form of kushti and martial arts. Also known as Hola Mohalla, it is celebrated a day after holi.

Royal Holi- Udaipur
Living up to its royal culture, Holi in Udaipur spells class and elegance. Of all the places in Rajasthan where this ritual is performed, the grandest one takes place at the City Palace complex in Udaipur. The royal family of the Mewar dynasty, keeping their annual tradition alive, embark on a stunning palace procession which begins at the Royal residence and goes up to Manek chowk.


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