Monday, 7 November 2016

Things to know for First Time Abroaders

There’s always a great thrill in taking an international trip. Whether you are a frequent traveller or take trips occasionally, going abroad always involves lot of excitement. In order to not to spoil your rejoicing feeling, it is advisable to plan your international journey well.  Here's a rundown tips you ought to do or bring before your foreign outing.

Security and Health

1. Get your Health Check-ups & Insurance.
Health is wealth, if not taken care all your trip mood can be spoiled. Go & see a doctor, take all your vaccinations, update all your essential prescriptions. Also go and check with your medical insurance provider that your policy covers overseas emergency or not. As most of the health insurance doesn’t cover you while you are abroad. You can connect with any of your travel company. They can help you out a range of insurance policies to cover your high medical cost, while you are in foreign country. Riya Travel  has a tie up with some of the big name to provide best suited insurance policy to their customers at discounted rates.

2.Carry Copies of Your Passport & other Important Documents
Due to some mishaps like theft or something, people are tend to lost their passport. So, it's always a better option that you carry copies of your passport or other official identification document to prove your citizenship & get back safely.

Also you can leave one copy at home or with someone you trust. As well as, save softcopy of your documents on mail or cloud-drive.  

3. Enlist yourself with embassy
In case there will be some kind of National emergency, this will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety.  


4. Keep a check on the Conversion Rate
Discovering that one Danish Krone is equivalent to only 10 INR … terrible surprise. Ensure you do your math well before you travel to get a sense of where the conversion rate is at.

5. Check if your Credit card is working at your foreign destination place
European banks have changed totally to the more secure chip-and-PIN innovation, and fewer banks & businesses abroad are accepting the outdated magnetic strip cards. So just check with your bank about your card is accepted to the place you gonna visit or not.  

6. Get your Money Converted
You can't do anything without getting your currency exchanged. Exchanging your currency from conversion centers at airport or around the city can be a huge rip-off. You can convert your currency well-before and save it in a Forex card,.this way you can also be charged less, plus there is no risk of currency fluctuation. We at Riya travel, provides a fast & secure way to exchange your currency.  

7. Carry Local Cash
Every local place don’t accept your forex & credit card. So it is better to carry some cash. However, avoid keep all of your cash in one place. Divide it in your different bags. .

8. Inform your bank or credit card supplier.
Occasionally,  banks believe that fraud might happen if transaction are happening all of a sudden in Bali when you're from Mumbai, and they will turn off your card as a security measure. So it's always better to inform your bank about your  international visit.

9. Check the Destination place’s entrance & exit fees
A few nations charge tourist  while entering or leaving the country. These charges are excluded in the cost of your aircraft ticket, and can go from $25 to $200. So enquire about it well before the journey to budget your trip well.

Local Research

10. Purchase tickets in advance for the place you want to visit
By purchasing ahead of time you'll have the capacity to skip more queues, save time and discover more deals for you. Also it will help you to buy cheap air tickets, low-cost hotel rooms & many more amenities at affordable rates.

11. Get Guidebooks & research well about the place
Guidebooks more often  includes maps, keyphrases or keywords, and give you enough detail on specific destinations. This way, you won't have to buy the pamphlet from the place itself. Also, download various apps before you  start to travel. Download it before & keep, to avoid any last minute hassles & charges. These apps will offer various discounts & deals to make your trip fall within your budget.

12. Look into occasions going on while you're there.
This will help you ensure that you're not missing the best occasions going ahead in the city — fun things like celebrations, ceremonies and natural events. Additionally make sure to inquire about some  of the local dishes to try. You would prefer not to leave the destination without experiencing what it’s known for.


13. Bring a charger connector.
Different nations  have distinctive size plugs and voltage. So on the off chance that you need to utilize your iPod, ensure you can charge it.

14. Check the voltage of your gadgets.
Nothing is more awful than having a connector and still not having the capacity to utilize a blow-dryer or a straightener because the voltage isn’t high enough for that country.

15. Activate your phone’s global capabilities.
There's normally a charge for doing this, yet it is a great deal than the roaming charges. There are many options of getting a affordable Global Simcard which will help you to stay in touch with your loved once around the globe while travelling. You can also buy a global simcard from Riya Travel. We offer various plans to suit every traveler's needs.

Luggage & Packing

16. Carry Extra clothes in your carry-on Bag
Many a times, aircraft lost your baggage and you don't have anything else to wear. So it is better to carry a backup along with you every time.

17. Carrying a Required Amount of Luggage
Every carrier has its own particular set of rules with respect to what number of bags can be checked or carried on for free. Make a point to look into what your aircraft's guidelines are, to keep you away from any incremental expenses.

18. Carry snacks.

Foreign Journey is fun, however eating in an outside country can some of the time turn into a task. Bring little snacks that will hold you over until you find that perfect restaurant or food cart.


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