Friday, 25 November 2016

Budget Tips to Travel in Holiday Season

Holiday season is about to arrive & so is the winter season. Some of us must have already planned their vacations, and many of us haven’t plan as it cost way too much as compared to casual trips. Here are some of the tips to save your money & spend your enjoyable vacation in the budget.

Go to Beach
Blow-off the stress of your work in the warmth of the golden sunshine! The golden sands of Goa and Kerala beckon you to their pristine shores and invite you to relax. Winter is down season for beach destinations. Hence, the hotel becomes more affordable to book. Find out festivals going on in these localities & pack your bag.

Got to Beach.jpg

Choose Lesser Known White Snow Destinations
When you choose less popular but good quality stuff, the experience is same plus you save some extra bucks left with you. Same is the case with planning a vacation to a hill-station. In spite of Kashmir, Shimla or Manali opt for hill stations which are infamous with same adventure & beauty. Auli,  Munsiyari, Dalhousie, Almora are some of the cheaper alternatives for going ahead with Hill-station holiday package.

snow destinations.jpg
Advance Booking
Advance booking and planning your holidays in advance is always a safer option to make your travel more smooth. Even booking your air ticket & hotel rooms is less expensive when booked a month before your trip.


Using App
Sometimes advance booking also doesn't help to provide you a cheaper alternative. So, here is one smarter option for you. As all of us has become tech-savvy, there are various apps on your app store from where you can keep a watch on the rates of your air ticket. Apps like Skyscanner, notify you of the change in the fares. That will be your ideal time to book your ticket fellas !

Using an app.jpg

Cheaper Alternative to Hotel
Hotel Booking cost a lot on your pocket. Major expensive of your trip is accommodation. You can choose Airbnb like alternative wherein you get an accommodation in one’s home as shared place. Some of these hosts also offer breakfast & lunch, you even get an opportunity to explore local culture & people closely.

shared place.jpg

You can even plan your whole trip with Riya Travels & Tours. They will suggest you  with different  destinations according to your budget. Due to their collaboration with big travel partners directly,  they offer affordable fares for your holiday.


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