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How to Plan your Ideal Holidays !

How to Plan your Ideal Holidays ! at

Holidays are the much awaited thing which anyone dream off. We eagerly wait to go on a vacation and have a relaxing time with our friends & family; without any office deadline to meet or sales target to achieve. In our holidays we just want to soak in our destination environment. However planning your trip that too within budget become a tedious task. Let us know about some of the steps to effectively plan your holiday at ease.
  • Step 1: Choosing the Destination

    Deciding on the destination is the foremost task. Select your trip destination according to your choice and preference. Determine what kind of holiday you want to take; relaxing one, party one, refreshing one, historic one or some other. Also take into consideration the days you can afford to spend on vacation.

 Select on Number of Days for travel at

  • Step 2: Select on Number of Days
    How long will be your trip, will depend on various factors like how long will it take to reach the destination, how much days will it require to explore that particular place & also the number of leaves you will be getting from your office. Consider the travel time and time you require to hunt down the whole place. You can ask your friends or relatives who have already been there or you can even consult any travel agents to know about the places which are the main attractions and how much time will it take to explore the same.

    • Step 3: Budgeting the Trip

      Budgeting the Trip  at

      Speculating about your savings and calculating the extra expenses will help you manage your trip well. Calculate all your costs to be incurred, keeping aside extra amount for emergency. Then start saving for the needed money. This way you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest without any worries surrounding it. There are many travel companies also who guide you regarding all the cost and also different options you can go for as per your budget. We at Riya Travel will help you budget & manage your trip in no time.

    Get a Travel Credit Card at

    • Step 4: Get a Travel Credit Card
      Carrying a travel credit card provides security in case of emergency like robbery, ATM assault, insurance and many more. It also helps you in earning air travel mile while transacting. There are numerous number of travel credit cards available. Choose the card which will be most suitable to you for your travel needs.  

    • Step 5: Check out Best Travel Deals
      Go out and search for best travel deals, especially during festive and holiday season many travel companies announce special discounts on their package. Going for these packages will save your time and help a hassle-free  exploration of attractive places,. They also take care of your accommodation & food. So get a reference for choosing a travel package or select one by researching & enquiring by your own. We at Riya Travels also provide best possible holiday deals. To know about our best & cheaper deals you can contact us. Because of our worldwide reach we are able to provide specially tailored packages to meet all your requirement and comfort.
    Book Travel & Hotel Reservation at

    • Step 6: Travel & Hotel Reservation

    Reserving your hotel & travel ticket  atleast 3 month in advance will save youlots of money. For transportation, take into account all the possible options, as sometimes it will help you enjoy the local essence of the place. For instance, Amsterdam is best explored on bicycle & London using tubes.  Even when you book your rooms months prior, cost will be less as compared to last minute booking. Depending on your pockets there are multiple options available. Some religious places provide good accommodation facilities in at cheaper rates along with all the meals. There are also various luxurious options available. When you opt for packages with the travel companies, they do all the reservations for you. Riya Travel even provide you most exotic deals on hotels and flight reservations.
    • Step 7: Buy Essentials
      There are several important stuffs which you must carry while travelling. Like your toiletries, snacks, phone &  gadget chargers, camera for saving your memories etc. Apart from this, also get well-versed with some travel hacks. These hacks can become your life saver when you want to go on for a ‘Jugaad’ thing.Here is one hack from us, you can roll your clothes instead of folding it, this will save lot of space in your bags.

    • Step 8: Get your Travel Insurance
      Now a days getting a travel insurance has become a must-have requirement for every traveller. There are various benefits of opting it such as medical cover, protection against cancellation of tickets, lose of travel documents and many more. It ease out all worries regarding any unscheduled events. You should wisely select your travel insurance. We at Riya Travel also provides best domestic & overseas travel insurance at affordable rates.

    • Step 9: Carry your Documents

    It is strictly  advisable to scan  all your important documents like passport, tickets, travel insurance and keep them with you. Also carry printouts in case required for security purpose.

    • Step 10: Find Local Cuisine & Street Market Local cuisine and market depicts true element of the place. Tasting local street food & shopping over there can be adventurous & helps you connect to the soul of the place. And trust us these things can become a good souvenir to keep.

    • Step 11: Converting Your Currency
      While planning an international vacation, getting your currency converted is a must , as without this you won’t be able to do anything in that alien place. However it is been seen that many people came across multiple problem while converting their currency. Opting a FOREX card will be most uncomplicated option, although it is advisable to get it from government recognised institution only. Licensed by The Reserve Bank of India, Riya arranges Foreign Exchange Service for traveler and non-traveler interesting in exchanging money.

    • Step 12: Miscellaneous Things
      If you are planning to drive, then get an international driving permit.
      Health Check-ups & vaccination to help you stay fit.
      Sign up to Skype, IMO or some other calling app to stay in touch with your friends & family to won't affect your pockets. Apart from it getting a International/Global SIM card will be a good idea. It won’t bombard you with heavy roaming cost with the benefit of going on official or casual call anywhere. At Riya Travels, we assist you with a range of Global Simcard & various plans to choose from at affordable rates.

    • Step 15: Making a Checklist
      It will be easier for you if you can jot down all the necessary stuffs you need to carry or do a day before. It will make all things go easy helping you enjoy your trip without any hassles around.

    Riya Travels assist in every step of planning your vacations. It’s a one-stop solutions for all your travel requirements, be it casual or business. We are also a leader in business travel and MICE. Be it about affordable holidays packages, flight booking at lowest possible deals, hotel booking at cheaper rate, car rentals, Global simcard, Travel Insurance, Visa, FOREX or any other. You name any travel solution and we will have that ready for you to save your time & cost. Visit to plan your next vacations.


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